Thursday, May 09, 2013


{S}he woke up to the sun shining brightly and warm. She could hear the birds singing their morning songs. She is a morning lark herself. {A lark, early bird, or morning person is a person who usually gets up early in the morning and goes to bed early in the evening.}
early bird gets the warm
The early bird gets the worm.
-Benjamin Franklin

Over the past several months things have shifted, transformed and transitioned. The transitioning. Yeah, that's a constant.

Since 2009, after the miracle I experienced, God has been doing some major transformation work in me. The music video linked below: You Are More by Tenth Avenue North is my life's theme song. As part of the lyrics say, "I'm not who I used to be" & "I've been remade".

GOD has changed me. HE has given me a new perspective and outlook in my life.

By the first of July I will be offering Biblical Life Coaching services. GOD has given me a calling to use more of the gifts He has placed in me. I'm humbled to bits about this. I can remember from a time when I was a teen that people would just open up to me and spill their guts to me. That's a hard thing to go through ... people offloading onto me. God has given me the unique ability to not absorb the emotions and attitudes of people. I learned this is my body work. If one isn't careful they take on the other person's pain, emotions and depression, etc.

So, what is GOD doing in your life? Name one area you are being challenged in. Leave a comment below and share how GOD is transforming you.

Prayer: Dear Abba El Shaddai, GOD, I lift up my readers to YOU and pray that they will be blessed and challenged to seek YOU and allow YOU to work in them transforming them for YOUR glory and honor. I pray that YOU bring them through their pain and depression, frustration and stress. Show them in the most unique way, that only would come from YOU, YOUR love, compassion, mercy and grace. Thank YOU, GOD. In the name of Jesus, the Messiah, amen.