Friday, May 03, 2013

Courage - Five Minute Friday [05032013]

Five Minute Friday Brave ... what is it? It's courage. Courage to continue on. Courage to move forward. Walk, run, do what you must to get through it. Whatever "it" is. Dig deep within yourself and trust that it will get better. Don't listen to the negative inner voice that tells you it's impossible and you can't and you won't make it ... because, it's a lie. You can. You will. You must ... move on. Be Brave!

There is ONE who will carry you when you reach the end of yourself and you feel like there's no place to go. Who is the ONE? It is your Heavenly Father, GOD. When your load feels too heavy, HE will carry it for you, if you just let HIM. Seek HIM and let HIM guide you.