Friday, July 12, 2013

Five-Minute-Friday-Present [20130712]

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Today's word prompt is: Present.


This word can be taken in different ways. When I hear the word present I think of a gift. There's no better gift than the right here and now present. We can't change the past, it's gone. We can try to plan for the future and speculate how we want it to turn out. But, still, the future can change in an instant by present circumstances. We can live in the present and enjoy each moment, creating great and wonderful memories for us to reflect upon when we get to the future. What we do in the present will impact our future. Make the most of the present, because we may not have a tomorrow. Live the present as if it's your last day and enjoy life. Smile. Laugh. Have fun with friends and family. Go for a bicycle ride. Have some ice cream.

It took me awhile to work that out. For the longest time I kept living in the past. Being stuck in the past is a bummer because we can create new and exciting things now to make the present a great place to be.


Your turn!