Thursday, July 18, 2013

[20130718] Thankful Thursday

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I'm thankful for an awesome husband.

Monday I started a new devotional and following along with the author's prompt for each day. The devotional is about drawing closer to God and your husband. The book is authored by Jennifer Smith [+Unveiled Wife]. The book title is: Wife After God: Drawing Closer to God & Your Husband.

I'm learning to appreciate my husband [+Paul Edwards] more and what he means to this marriage. I'm also learning who my husband is in God. My husband is the spiritual leader in our marriage. He is my best friend. He is God's gift to me. That's just after the first four days. I'm so excited to be a part of this daily devotional with Jennifer. I learned not long after following her blog that she lives and attends church not far from where we live. She posted an invitation to attend church where she attends. She just asks for notice to be able to greet anyone who visits from her invite. We've not made it there yet. But, I look forward to it.

I pray that your marriages are blessed. Please post what you're thankful for today!