Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday - 20130425

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It's been quite some time since I posted anything for Thankful Thursday.

My prayer is that this post will bless you. I'm an encourager. So, I'll encourage you today.

  • You are created in the image of GOD. HIS image bearer. HE loves you. It doesn't matter what you've been told throughout your life. GOD wants to have a relationship with you. Yes, you! It's time to stop believing the lies satan has filled you with. Tell him to take a hike over the cliff. You have a new mindset from GOD who feeds you healthy mental food like: You are worthy. You are beautiful. You are made from HIS excellency. You are a child of The Most High GOD. That makes you royal. It doesn't matter what anyone has told you that has torn you down. GOD says you are created for excellence. You are his great creation. All creation is beautiful.

Over the past 3.5 years God has been transforming me. In 2009, GOD delivered me from Fibromyalgia. Since then many things have been happening to GOD's glory. Even a motorcycle accident that wreaked havoc on my life has been an encouragement helping me to move forward as I grow in my faith and relationship with Yahweh!

Since October 2012 I've dug my heels in and have been going through a mental mindset transformation with God leading me the whole way.

Seven weeks ago, I began a new journey studying to be a Biblical Life Coach ... through Life Breakthrough Coaching and Academy+Coach Janet Daughtry & her husband, +Daryl Daughtry are the owners. Janet is my private instructor. She's an awesome and Godly instructor at that. I so appreciate the training I'm getting. In a month's time I will begin building my Biblical Life Coaching to offer services for coaching. Contact me for coaching sessions.

Along with life transformation comes many other changes. My husband, +Paul Edwards, got a new job that is totally 100% telecommuting. He works from home, as a contractor with Boeing. This has been one of his dreams to do. This now affords us the chance to move him back home. Southern California. It is warmer and drier there. One thing we believe will help our health, as well as, allow us to go on more motorcycle rides/road trips. We are members of Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry. We will have the chance to also engage in that ministry more.

All I can do is praise GOD for all this awesomeness in what HE's doing in our lives. Thank YOU, Yahweh!

What awesomeness is happening in your life? Take a moment and comment below and let me know!