Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Over the past 3 1/2 years I've been going through this transformation. Those of you who've been reading my blog and following me know the transitions I've went through. I've ranged from deeply depressed to elation. My history is one of abuse and being the victim.

This past October (2012), I hit a low. Not my deepest low, but a low nonetheless. I began to have insecurities that were running amuck. They were over running my mind. I had this weird feeling that my husband was cheating on me, to him going to leave me by the wayside. The adversary was wreaking havoc on my mind and soul. I reached the point where I said enough is enough. My husband approached me and discussed with me how he felt we were exhibiting co-dependency issues and we needed to deal with it. He suggested each of us focus on our own personal development and get ourselves on track. So, I endeavored to do so. I found loads of personal development websites that put me on the right track. What a huge difference life has been this past several months. One of new beginnings and a new perspective of positivity.

This morning during my quiet time with the LORD and my devotional readings I came across this post: Quit Welcoming Insecurity as a Friend | +Mary DeMuth. Just recently, within the past two or three months, I came across Mary's blog. I'd been following her on Facebook and Google Plus. I just never went to her blog for some reason. Maybe I wasn't ready for it. Well, after I discovered it, she was releasing a new book. I bought a copy. I've got so much to read I've not had a chance to read it yet. It's on my reading list though. So, she was posting all sort of positivity promoting her book. I saved some of the images to my desktop to see everyday as a reminder.

All that to say this: Insecurities are fears. Fears are False Evidence Appearing Real. If you're feeling insecure, seek the LORD and His Word. Read Mary's Blog and books. I guarantee, once you hand over the insecurity to the LORD and leave it there, you'll be a new person and be full of security and trusting of the LORD. Stop believing the lies of the adversary. He wants nothing more than to steal your joy and see you downtrodden. Don't give him the satisfaction. GOD has already won the victory through Jesus Christ and salvation. Claim the victory, in Jesus Christ!