Thursday, November 06, 2008


Ryan from thisisreverb challenged us to look back and find things from the old days and post them and link them back to him so he can see.

I found these images:

This is my 7th grade picture from 1977.

My H.S. Sr pic from 1983. The photographer had no idea what he was doing.

My H.S. Graduation pic in 1983.

This was my prize possession in the late 80s. I caught it 4/26/1987. I love fishing. One Spring we went fishing in a man made lake off the shoreline. We didn't know at the time but there was a bass tournament that weekend. I sure got the prize. That was 20 inches long and 4 lbs. A family member saved the fish in the freezer, sneaking it out to a taxidermist.

The above picture was my birthday, August 10th, 1987.