Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Minute Friday {H}ero

Come and join Lisa-Jo Baker for FMF. Click the image to be transported to her blog. While there you'll see a list of others who also shared words of encouragement and their stories.

Today's word prompt: Hero

Ready? GO

Her little eyes searched around the room. She nuzzled in closer to hear my heartbeat and feel my warmth.

Her toddler feet went out the door following her auntie. Then she tripped on the walkway and fell, causing injury. Tear-filled eyes searched for comfort in the pain.

Those little feet carried her to the car and to the classroom as we walked into the first day of kindergarten. She had grown wings and was ready to fly.

The same feet that carried her to class later carried her across the sports floor. She was pushed over and fell to the floor leaving her unable to stand. Those teen eyes searched for a rescuer and met mine as I ran to lift her, moving to safety.

The screams that came from the other room searching for help after falling and getting cut screeched through the house. Again I came to her ailing side to administer emergency treatment.

Each cry and scream was met with a hug and aid, wiping away tears and soothing cries and screams.

Where was her hero when she was gulping down hard liquor, smoking a bowl or shooting up? HE was always with her. HE has never left her, nor will HE forsake her.