Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Memories | Behind The Scenes

It was August 12th, 2009. It was the perfect time for a walk through the park with +Hatsu Misa Takara & +Paul M Edwards.

Something had felt off during the past several months. Whatever it was just felt wrong.

One thing I could put my finger on was the struggling we were going through financially because Paul had lost his job. He started to focus on building his PC repair business. It seemed like he was gone all the time. It felt as if he was staying away to get away from home. It felt like he did not want to be near me anymore.

I recall walking through the park on this day. It felt nice to be walking by Paul's side and enjoying watching all the dogs running around us as the sun was setting. We rounded this one corner of the park and started up a small incline to walk between the trees. Just at edge of this wooded section Paul noticed a snake crossing our path. I felt something raised under my foot as I stepped. Then I heard Paul's voice say, "Oh, watch out, don't step on the snake." At that point I'd already finished my step and then turned around to look and see the garden snake slither into the shrubs.

Moments later we encountered this tree in the sunset. All the things that just occurred were part of a multifaceted miracle that we experienced.

The interesting thing about that tree? Something about ending an old life and starting a new one. Also, every single time after that day when we walked through that park I never saw that tree like that again. In fact, I couldn't even place the tree. I never saw it again.

The multifaceted miracle? Well, if you'd like you can read about it here.

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