Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Behind The Scenes || Retrospect

We reflect. We like to look back. We like to look for those fun and happy moments in life. It's good to remember happy times.

One such happy time for me was during the Christmas Season. The year was 2009. Just before this happy time life was very turbulent. So, experiencing this happy time was very memorable for me.

That happy time was Christmas Eve. This image was the view God gave us on this beautiful, but cold day.

As the typical motorcyclist puts their two wheels in storage for the Winter we keep ours on the road.

Since the Northern Hemisphere is the cold season in December not many riders like the cold and rain. I'm one of them. However, there is gear to make cold and wet riding not so cold and wet.

On Christmas Eve in 2009 we geared up for a ride. I had to dress lots of layers because I did not have gear for riding in the cold and wet, yet. On our ride we ended up going to a local motorcycle gear store.

It was late in the afternoon. As we stood inside the store going through gear options for me I looked up and out the store front window. To my amazement and awe I saw this image. It looked astonishingly majestic and massively bigger than my camera lens would depict.

Right there on the storefront steps outside I praised and worshiped God! His creation of nature continually blows my mind. The colors filled my eyes in a way that made my heart sing.

There was only a short amount of time at sunset that affords this awesome kind of lighting for photography. I wanted to capture it before it was gone. I may have never seen such a sight again. Voila!

I look at this image frequently just to remember and be in awe of God's wondrous work in our lives. After such a scene there was no denying God and His love for me.

On that beautiful day my wonderful husband, +Paul M Edwards, bought me a great Winter riding suit so that I could enjoy my rides and not get wet and freeze.

I'm hoping on January 1st when we have our traditional New Year's Day ride that my ankle will be healed enough that I can ride. It will be cold. I'll be wearing my great and awesome gift. I miss riding! It's temporary, until my ankle heals.

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