Monday, November 25, 2013

Til Christmas | BEDN

Til Christmas


Now that Christmas is only one month away, we in the Blog Every Day in November community are instructed by a prompt, the title above. Here's some questions I will answer:

  • Favorite Christmas traditions?
    - Family getting together over a meal.
    - Enjoying Christmas music.
    - Driving around and seeing all the beautiful lights.
    - Experiencing intimate family moments.

  • Favorite Christmas songs?
    - Silent Night
    - Oh Holy Night
    - Joy To The World
    - Jingle Bells

  • The best part of Christmas is?
    - Spending quiet time with God reflecting over all His blessings in my life over the past year.

  • What are you planning this year?
    - At this point, I don't have anything specific planned except...
    • Experience the holiday lights via a boat in a couple of weeks with my husband [+Paul M Edwards], father-in-law [+Rick Edwards] and his girlfriend.
What about you? What are your answers to the above questions?