Sunday, November 10, 2013


#BEDN Blog Every Day in November

Today we're instructed to write about something different than what our normal genre is.

So, since I'm a motorcyclist, I'll write something about motorcycle racing.

I've only been to the motorcycle race track once when my husband wanted to partake in a track day. It wasn't what I expected from racing. After watching videos of motorcycle racing I thought that all racing was like what I saw on the video. It's not!

What I witnessed was a bunch of riders riding around the track. One cruiser, full dressed, was on the track. It was moving at a snails pace compared to the sport bikes. It was almost hilarious, honestly. Although, I feared for her because those sport bikes buzzed past her like a blue angel on maneuvers. If she had moved just a certain way, they could've clipped her and sent her spinning out of control.

Even though I was proud of my husband for giving the race track a go... I'm not impressed with that kind of racing. To be honest, it was as boring as watching a snail move.

I enjoy watching "The Isle of Man TT". See the video below:

Now, that's exhilarating and exciting. They take those curves and corners like they're nothing. They must have eagle eye vision to go at those speeds without crashing. Although, there are some who do go down. I've heard that some men have died in this annual race. Wow! I've also seen some crazy stuff on videos where racers went out of control to totally recover and continue racing as it's just another day at the office. Awesome!

What's your take on motorcycle racing?