Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BEDN | My Hometown

Blog Every Day in November #BEDN

The prompt for today is to write about my hometown. Instead I'm going to write about my favorite place. It's not a specific place though. It's a description of many different places.

Picture it with me if you will.

Sitting on the seashore while the sun rises with its beautiful orange burst from the horizon greeting the day. All around are beautiful full trees just above the seashore lending their comfort like a cozy wrap around my shoulders. The warmth from the sunrise filling my eyes. The smell of the sea wafting through my nostrils. The sounds of the splashing surf on the rocks and beach below. Do you feel it? Do you hear it? Do you smell it? It's so welcoming. Just off to the side there is a range of mountains that lend their pitches and dips to the landscape. Alongside me is my lover, best friend, my mate, my husband. We talk and share and laugh. We hug. We share a soft kiss. All while the sun is rising. On the opposite horizon there's the new moon setting, big and bright adding its grandeur to the moment.

What about you?