Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Behind The Scenes: Migration

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The Story: For three years my husband pined over moving back to California where he was born and lived for 10 years as a child. I was open to the idea, because, I was tired of the Seattle weather and the mentality of some people there.

The time finally came in early Spring 2013. My husband had been praying that if it was God's will for us to move to provide a job for my husband. Not long after the prayer he got a phone call from a past co-worker. The past co-worker was interviewing for a position and realized that it wasn't a good fit and just knew the perfect person for the job. My husband. So, this past co-worker calls my husband and talks to him about this job and says if my husband is interested he would put a good word in and have the employer call my husband. Well, a day or two went by and the employer called. They did an impromptu interview. Then they called again a couple weeks later for a "real" interview for the position. They hired him. The icing on the cake? It's a telecommute job. It can be done from anywhere there's an internet connection. He then had to give notice at his current job. The new job didn't start immediately. It started two weeks later.

The migration began. We had two months to pack. We have two motorcycles and two cars. The planning went into full action. We decided to ship the motorcycles. We also decided to use a trailer to pull behind a moving truck to haul my car. His car stayed in Seattle. It is being upgraded and updated... [turbo-charged].

Fast-forward to May 2013, two months later. Packing is an arduous task. Everyone I speak to bemoans moving and hates it. I am not a fan of the process myself. I cried for a week before our departure. The whole thing has been a bitter-sweet event.

Last minute packing and rushing through the entire day. The day we planned to pull out and be on the road, turned into the next day.

When we left WA state is was raining and cold. We crossed the CA state line and it was sunny, warm and beautiful. I welcomed it. However, our final destination is on the fringe of the desert. It is a dry, hot, dusty/dirty place. I struggle with the heat and the dirt/dust.

Moving isn't just a one or two or even three day event. It involved acclimating  to the region, for me: finding work-which still hasn't happened, finding a church family, making new friends, connecting in places for events, etc that you like doing. There's a lot of mental and emotional work in it.

That's where the grace of God is. He's patient, kind, loving, caring and a host of positive mental mindsets. He places us where He wants to use us. It may not be clear, the fog will clear eventually. We simply must be patient and wait on God to open that door of opportunity.

Are you patiently waiting on God?