Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Minute Friday || Small

Join Lisa-Jo Baker and write for five minutes on the word prompt for this week OR go visit and read what other's have written. Click image to the left to magically teleport there.

So, todays word prompt: small.


When she was born the nurse placed her on the gurney. There she lay. She was so small. Just under 7 pounds. She grew like any other normal baby would. She went to have her wellness check-ups just like other babies. Every single visit, the nurse always said she was too small. Worried that something was wrong or she wasn't being well cared for, her mother cried and lamented over her baby being malnourished. Until one day at one wellness check, a new nurse was afoot. The nurse took all the measurements and checked all the small things on the child, 3 years later. Her mother asked the nurse if she was within normal size parameters. The nurse reports that the child was on the small side of normal, but within normal parameters. Shew, what a relief, the child's mother expressed. At that point, the child's mother started investigating the genetics of each ancestor of the child. There were a lot of "small" people in the child's ancestry. She simply inherited the small genes. That child... is average size today... She's a grown adult. She is my daughter.