Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chats From The Farmhouse Porch - [20130530]

Everyday RuraltyWe moved over Memorial Day Weekend. It was more than 1,000 miles. Our dog didn't like the way she had to travel. She hasn't been eating right. She isn't used to this kind of heat. I'm praying she adjusts soon.
Today's Questions from the Farmhouse Porch:
1. When you were a child, what age did you think was "OLD"? - Honestly, I never thought about it.

2. How often do you have dessert? - Once a month. Just get a hankerin for it. My vice is ice cream. My favorite flavor is French Vanilla.

3. What's your favorite kind of exercise? -  Anything low impact.

4. Do you watch movies on TV, movies from a rental or the library, or movies online? - We watch movies in the theater, on netflix and purchased DVDs.

5. Tell me something you remember about your grandparent's house? I'm thinking of something you saw all of the time, like a picture, clock, statue, teapot. or some thing that was always there. - I have no memories of my grandparents from my childhood. We never lived near them.