Monday, February 11, 2013

29 Reasons I Love My Husband

I came across this post today: 29 Reasons I Love My Husband written by Ngina Otiende. She challenges us to share reasons why we love our husbands. I'm going to take that challenge and post reasons why I love my husband, +Paul M Edwards.
  1. He loves GOD and strives to grow his relationship with GOD, our creator.
  2. He's intelligent and hungers to learn more.
  3. He has big dreams.
  4. He's protective over me.
  5. He's chivalrous. He likes doing things for me.
  6. He compliments and balances my personality.
  7. He's sentimental and romantic.
  8. He likes spending time in the kitchen helping me prepare meals and occasionally making me a meal and serving me.
  9. He's a great provider and does well.
  10. He's caring.
  11. He has a great laugh and we enjoy laughing together.
  12. He's adventurous in going on fun trips and having fun.
  13. He's great with technology.
  14. He's creative.
  15. He tells me he loves me regularly.
  16. He helps out around the house with chores.
  17. He goes on walks with me and our dog.
  18. He's manful.
  19. He smells good.
  20. He holds my hand.
  21. He helps me pick out clothes/shoes and is good at it.
  22. He enjoys pleasuring me as much as I enjoy pleasuring him.
  23. He sings on occasion.
  24. He shows genuine concern for me.
  25. He enjoys comedy as much as I do.
  26. He will hold my purse for me.
  27. He is honorable and loyal.
  28. He's dedicated.
  29. He's my best friend, my rock and my hero.
This list continues to grow...