Friday, February 22, 2013

Crafted For Excellence

I've been so very blessed over the past few months. I've been going through a life transformation.

Long before I started this journey my friend, Scott Neth, started his next book, Crafted For Excellence.
Also, long before, Scott started a video series he called Morning Light. I enjoyed the wisdom and nourishment from watching those videos. It seemed as though they disappeared out of the blue. And then, surprise, just a week or so ago, Scott announced the return of his video inspirations. He was picking up the Morning Light videos again. Accept, there are changes. It's not Morning Light any longer. It's changed to: Crafted For Excellence, in support of his new book, named the same. Before starting the videos back up Scott was posting excerpts from his book on Facebook and Google Plus. As part of my transformation I have been reading these posts and praying. God has been doing some amazing work on me.

HE does speak to us. If we would just shut our mouth and minds off from the hustle and bustle of the world and focus on HIM, we would be able to hear HIM. It just brings to mind a scene from the movie, Waterworld, with Kevin Costner, when he told the little girl, Enola, her mind was too noisy that she needed to be quiet so she could hear the world around her. It's the very same thing with GOD/The Son/Holy Spirit. We need to shut off all the outside/inside stimuli influenced by our physical world. Find ways to relax our soul/heart/mind and allow GOD to do a work in and through you. LISTEN!

Below is one of Scott's videos. Take minute and watch it. Be blessed. As the expression goes: "We're too blessed to be stressed!"