Saturday, March 03, 2012

Five Minute Friday - [20120303]

Five Minute Friday
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We sit at the breakfast table at a local restaurant with some friends waiting for our breakfast to arrive. We're all chatting and having fellowship. Only one of our friends rode his motorcycle this morning. I ache inside waiting for the time to arrive that I can ride my own motorcycle in a group ride with my husband.

We have two motorcycles. One is slightly out of commission. We're left with one running between the two of us. We discovered through experience that we do not do well riding two-up on my motorcycle. It's too small for us and throws up off kilter creating a chaos of pain for days.

We're moving in less than two months time. Where it's warmer and sunnier. I ache for the sunshine. I ache to feel its warmth penetrating my soul.

One of our friends leans forward and asks us when we're moving. They will miss us when we're gone. They ache for our friendship and fellowship.