Monday, July 25, 2011

Life [as it for me]

For the past year Google has been creating and running Google Plus [g+]. For the past month or so they released it in beta for all to try out. I heard about it on an Internet tech talk show called: TWiT TV with Leo Leporte. I immediately added my name to the list for an invite to join. So, I waited.

One day, the following week, I got an invite from one of my friends. I quickly accepted and started using Google Plus. My stream quickly filled up with posts of tips and tricks on how to manage g+. The plugin and extension suggestions flowed for Google Chrome browser and not so many for Firefox. I tested one in Firefox. I ended up deleting the
facebook one. I still have the twitter one. However, after all the hoopla about the Chrome browser I decided to install it, once again. I had installed it last year and tried it and didn't like it. So, I uninstalled it and continued to use Firefox. So, now, I'm actually using both browsers. Firefox for all my media, i.e. online movies/tv, etc and Chrome for everything else. I installed two extensions on Chrome that make it a little easier to use g+.
There's social media wars now. FB & g+ are the most battled. FB is blocking g+. But not the other way round. FB is running scared that g+ is going to make them obsolete. Speaking of obsolete. Many are saying that g+ will make twitter obsolete. I very rarely even check my twitter anymore. I made the announcement on my FB that I was slowly going to transition completely over to g+. So, I check FB but I don't post much now. I've invited as many as I could to use g+. Some have made profiles. Some have ignored my invites. They'll eventually make their way to g+.

Google Plus is a more powerful tool in the social media world. The posts are more intelligent and compelling to read. It seems as though g+ has it's own version of controlling the unwanted type of posts that flood the walls of facebook. My observation of is that fb, twitter, etc are like watching Jerry Springer. Google Plus is like watching 20/20 or Dateline. Not everyone cares if someone is going to go lay down for a nap or go to the dr for a runny nose or... going to go shower for the day and make out meal menus. It's the TMI factor. I'm not such an out going person that I want to post my dr's visits, nap time, etc. As one of my online friends posted... You're not that important.

I've connected with some great photographers, techies, authors and great people in general using g+. I've learned some interesting and great stuff.

If you'd like to check me out on g+ you can find me here:
Google Plus will constantly be evolving as more people participate. There's always the element of good judgment that we need to keep in mind when posting. I read one such article this morning:
I hope to see you there sometime soon.