Friday, January 14, 2011

52 Weeks-52 Letters

As I perused my blog friends posts today I came across my friend Sara's blog. She's the person I started my Project 365 photo blog from, last year. It was a failure on my part. I'm starting it again this year. I have my 1st week up. You can see the link to the right, scroll down some.

This year I'm going to add something new. Sara started it. She saw it on her friend's blog and decided to take on the challenge. I shall too.

Click to see Sara's post.

We all love to receive letters in the mail. No, I'm not talking about email or facebook. I'm talking about the USPS mail box outside your house. Some have to walk to the end of the walkway to the sidewalk. Some simply step outside onto their porch. Some go all the way to the Post Office. Some stop at the entryway of their apartment property to the mailbox station, to pick up their mail. I do the last. Yes, we recently moved from a house to an apartment.

If you have my email address, and you'd like to receive a letter/postcard/card from me. Email me your postal address. I shall send you a letter.

I challenge each of you to hand write a letter to someone, anyone, many people over the next year. Don't just type it up on the computer and print it out. Hand written is much more personal. It lets the receiver feel special and that you care because you took time to actually write to them. That's going to be a challenge for me however. My handwriting is chicken scratch these days. It'll give me a chance to improve my penmanship.

I'm late getting started. But, like Sara said in her post, "but I think I can make those up easily."

Won't you join me?