Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Through God's prompting I'm here today to share my struggles over the past several months. It's been nearly six months since my accident.

I was on some pretty heavy pain medication. It has rendered my brain into what feels like mush. It's been a while sense I've had pain meds. However, the chemicals linger in the body long after the use has stopped.

After reading my friend Elaine's blog, Peace for the Journey, it seems as though God was speaking directly to me.
The words just aren't there. If they are, they're not getting through. A dry spell some call it, or writer's block. Some say, "It will come". I feel like I'm letting my readers down in some way. Please know that God is still working in my life. In fact, HE's really working at the moment. It feels as though HE's chipping away at a wall that's been left from some past stuff. I didn't realize it was still there. Eventually, it'll be like the Walls of Jericho. It'll come tumbling down.

Until such time as the words come back, I'm on a blog break, except for my new posts starting Saturday. I will begin my Christmas Carol Video Tour. Watch for Saturday's post. Each Saturday up to Christmas I will post a new video of a Christmas Carol. On Christmas day I'll post two videos.

My prayer is that God's blessings will burst forth to everyone and that the message of Jesus will reach each and every one. Praise the LORD!
Blessings in this season of life! Merry Christmas!