Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Weekend [2010]

This week I'm skipping my normal Monday theme post for February to bring you this wonderful slide-show of my weekend. My LOVE weekend. I would've had more and better images except my digital camera batteries died. So, we had to settle for our phone's camera. What did you do with your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend? What I would like to offer you is something that will help you take into account of how you spend time with your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend. I'm going to offer a post from FamilyLifeToday w/Dennis & Barbara Rainey.

Q&A: What Communicates Love and Romance to You?
Dennis and Barbara Rainey

Q: I've been married eight years now, and sometimes I feel I still don't understand my wife, especially in the area of romance. What can I do? Click here to read more.

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