Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday [20100218]

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I'm not going to give a numbered list of thankfuls today. I'm just going to ad lib it. God doesn't look at everything as a list. It reminds me of a time clock or an alarm clock. It's OK sometimes, but not all the time.

There's been a lot of talk of "Lent". I'm not into that. I work hard to live my life for the LORD. I focus on being all that I can. I do slip up sometimes, as we all do. The important thing is that Jesus reels us back in "if" we let Him.

That being said. I'm so very thankful for a loving, caring, compassionate, merciful and gracioius God, that He sees right through all my imperfections. In His eyes I'm perfect because I'm fearfully and wonderfully made... in His image. I was freed from the bondage of satan's wiles when Jesus went up on that cross. I'm a slave no more. Thank YOU Jesus!

I'm so thankful for a personal relationship with God. He's the best most wonderful friend one could ask for. He never fails me. All I have to do is seek Him and believe He is the "Great I AM"! Show Him reverential respect because He deserves it. I praise and worship HIM and none other. You are all I need, as my blog friend Lisa posted on her blog this morning. Please visit Lisa's blog. She's very blessed. And take a minute to watch the video there. It's powerful!

Happy Thursday and blessings to you all.