Friday, February 21, 2014

Five Minute Friday || Small

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Today's word prompt: small



In this world there's a lot of things. A lot of those things are small. They're so small, they're microscopic. Not visible to the eyes.

Take a step back. Lay on the lawn on your back. Look up into the heavens. What do you see? Look at the galaxy through the lens of NASA. Keep panning out and the Earth just looks like a dot on the map of the Universe.

Our bodies and minds are the same way. Look through the microscope and see a whole mess of life going on inside of us.

When we step back and look at our thoughts we see a plethora of ideas running around. We also see our mindset. We journal our daily activities. There's a whole world going on in our minds. All those small things make up the whole. God designed everything right down to the smallest thing.
When we step back and see life we see oceans of people. We are one of those people. We each make up the tapestry of life that God has created. When we're all put together and step back and see all the small that makes up the whole, we see a beautiful art piece created by God.


Happy Friday Everyone!