Friday, December 06, 2013

Five Minute Friday | Reflect

Five Minute FridayI'm linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Lisa-Jo posts that there will be a break for December while she travels to her beloved South Africa for Christmas. I wish her and her family safe travels and a wonderful Christmas. Thank you, +Lisa-Jo Baker for laying your heart bear as we all pour over your words. God is definitely using you for His purpose.

Today's prompt: Reflect.

I once read about naked writing. When I first read the words "naked writing' I was very curious about that.


For years I had been living behind these protective walls I had built around my heart. I was very private and reserved about the true me. If anyone ever penetrated the secure walls they would learn things that they would not like. They would learn things that would cause them to be repulsed. They would see the real me. A tattered, broken and beaten to shreds heart. To me, it was very ugly. The things that caused such a disturbed heart would disturb those who saw it.

I was a rough and tough person who stood up to everyone. Even if there was no real reason to stand up to them.

I had to prove myself. The fights. Climbing trees. Jumping off the garage roof. Jumping off the top rail of a one lane bridge over a river that went through the town I lived in during high school.

To escape and be alone I would put on my jogging suit and just start running. I would run till I found myself in the middle of the country far from others. I turned around and went back to town. I knew I had to go back eventually.

I struggled with life. I got mixed messages when I was sexually and physically abused. That also included mental abuse. I did not know true love. My experience was tainted and toxic.

When God spoke to my tender heart at nine years old I listened intently. I wanted what He offered and pulled me to. For several years I searched for what God was telling me in my heart. I learned true love is from Him. The Christmas Story and the Resurrection Story express His true love. His love washes over me. I soak in His presence.


That's naked writing. So, I learned from reading a few articles. I'm still learning to be a naked writer. It's so freeing and empowering!

Today is day six on the advent calendar. We have 19 more days until Christmas. Happy Advent!