Saturday, November 30, 2013

The End | BEDN

Today in the Blog Every Day in November community it is the EOM. Which means, end of this meme for this year. So, today we are given the opportunity to write free for all. Post anything we like.

I've been writing blogs now for several years. I've written on a variety of topics. I enjoy themed style blogging with memes because it prompts me to focus on something specific. This is my first for doing an entire month long daily posting. I've been doing weekly themed posts. There's one in particular that I put aside while doing the BEDN postings. That one would be Five Minute Friday. It's a very awesome community. The host blogger has been posting a prompt word each week for everyone to simply write unplugged. Just write for five minutes on a chosen topic without editing. There's some very profound posts that come from FMF posts. There are others I've done over time. Some that have just stopped all of a sudden by the host for whatever reason. There was one that I rather enjoyed... called Then Sings My Soul Saturday.

I have been trying to improve my writing so that I can finish some books I've started and pretty much are in a state of writer's block. I am overwhelmed.

My husband, +Paul M Edwards, has told me that he sees an improvement in my writing this past few months.

Aside from writing I love photography. In some of my BEDN posts I mention this hobby. In the photography world there's constantly something and someone coming up with great things. This morning I just found a post on +Google+ that talks about a new way to teach and learn in the Art world. It is called Arcanum. It's the brain child of +Trey Ratcliff. He's not only a photographer, he's an artist. That's what his plan for Arcanum is. A way of teaching people any kind of art. I signed up this morning after reading through the information and watching a couple of videos about it.

I've loved photography since I was a small child. I remember asking my mother if I could use and have an old camera she didn't use anymore. I just feel like I come alive when I photograph life around me. Today, all my photography is done using my Android Samsung III mobile phone. I have installed numerous camera apps that do different functions. The latest app I installed is for long exposure imagery. That's one style I've never tried. I'm intrigued by it.

When I began using Google Plus I was introduced to a whole new world. One of the first things I connected with is photography where I found HDR [high dynamic range] photos. It led right to Trey Ratcliff. I'm so impressed by his work and all those who have learned from him. I'm inspired by all the awesome photo art that comes across my computer monitor.

For me, it is about finding God's beauty in everything and capturing it and immortalizing it in photos.