Wednesday, November 20, 2013

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Fashion trucks: The next big thing?

The link above leads to an article in the Houston Chronicle that showcases four fashion truck owners. They vary in the type of merchandise offered. You can buy vintage clothing from one. Another is exclusively shoes. The merchandise changes each week. There's only one of something that you won't see again.

These trucks come in a variety of styles. As you see in the image provided here, Urban Izzy, is a bus. Another is a pop-up camper. Which the owner says is a huge job to set up and tear down each time. Something she didn't think about in the beginning. Another truck is a big box truck. While another is a double decker bus. They have been modified to resemble a retail shop inside with shelves. racks and so on.

See what one fashion truck owner and its customer say from Boston, MA in this video:

What do you think? Would you purchase a pair of shoes from a fashion truck? In the video one person suggested more variety in merchandise. Do we need more fashion trucks?

I think it's an awesome business concept. There's been food trucks around for ages. Why not fashion trucks? Any business can be mobile. I've even read about a mobile massage truck.

Busy people love it when businesses come to them. It's a step up from the door to door salespeople. In the old days, doctors used to make house calls. I believe some still do. Also, there were the old peddlers who pulled their horse-drawn wagons full of merchandise who would make stops in villages and if passing a farm to offer their wares to people. See, back in those days going to the store was an all day trip because downtown was miles away and they had to walk, ride a horse or use a horse-drawn wagon.

History repeats itself, in a more modern fashion.

Have you had a fashion truck experience? If so, please share in the comments!

Happy Wednesday!