Saturday, November 23, 2013


For the subject on today's Blog Every Day in November: Date Night, I thought I'd just give a quick run down of the perspectives.

The outcome of date night all depends on one's idea of what a date is. There is as many ideas as there are people. Also, because of this there can be bad dates as well as good dates.

The important thing about dating, whether married or unmarried, is to communicate. If you each have your own ideas and they are totally opposite to each other it could turn out to be a disaster date.

It's important to find middle ground if you're totally opposite. Once that is established you will have a great date.

For me and my husband, +Paul M Edwards, we talk through date ideas. Sometimes we just want something casual, like fast food and a comedy movie, for example. Now and then we go all out and do something fancy. One year a co-worker of his informed everyone at the job that she was a member of an all female jazz band. We both love jazz music. The band was scheduled to perform very near our wedding anniversary. We got all exited. We went out and bought me a long fancy sparkly gown and all the undergarments to go with it. He bought a matching shirt and dress pants. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a photo of the two of us. We scheduled to attend the jazz performance for our anniversary. It was great fun and it was standing room only. It turned out there was no room to even dance... even though some crazy drunks got up there and tried to dance... that was almost entertainment in and of itself! We got a chance to get all dressed up last Christmas in the same outfits and attend Paul's Christmas work event. Above is a shot he took of me before we left. I also grabbed a shot of the Seattle Ferris Wheel as we came out of the Seattle Aquarium. Before you ask, No, I did not ride the ferris wheel. I have very serious issues with height. It's a long story, but I have inner ear imbalance issues. An easy way to describe it would be, vertigo. High up places cause me to become very dizzy and off balance.

We've went to motocross events in Seattle as dates. We went to Leavenworth, WA a few times to experience Christmas and the lights.

Right now we're trying to set something up for our anniversary in February. It'll be 15 yrs. Sometimes we just stay home and have a date night at home. You can be creative. There's even tips online to help with date night. I learned a bunch of great ideas. One idea that I loved was to create a virtual trip to some fun destination. I used google maps street view to come up with pictures slide-shows. And, as part of the date, whatever your destination is, find out the local food and make a dinner out of it. Decorate your living room with travel stuff for your destination. This takes some planning though. It's well worth it.

Whatever you do for date night, enjoy!