Friday, November 15, 2013


Favorite Folk

The people that make my world a better place.

Wow... well then. Let's best friend, my husband, +Paul Edwards, my church family, riding friends and my bloggie friends.

For a long time I searched people who would validate me and accept me so that I would have a sense of belonging. I've found in life that the sense of belonging is a myth. We try too hard to "belong". Then we get disappointed and mentally crash and burn. I've found that I "belong" to God! I find my identity in Him, not people, things or places. So, I've also discovered that the people you associate with have a huge impact and influence on me. So, I choose to surround myself with mentally healthy, balanced and stable people. I find it comforting and uplifting.

Those people that I surround myself with encourage, uplift, support and generally help keep me focused on the important stuff in life.

What about you? Who are your favorite folk?

Happy Friday!