Friday, November 08, 2013

A Day in the Life | FMF-BEDN

#BEDN Blog every day in Novemeber.

A single day. It turns out that it's pretty much every day.

For today I want to incorporate another meme. Five Minute Friday.

The word prompt for today is: Truth.

I will write for five minutes about Truth for a day in my life.

I wake up as the sun shines in the window. It's warmth and brightness, that's truth. When I pull my thoughts together... there's a rush of thoughts from the previous day. Somehow my new day is influenced by those thoughts. At present, I'm in a stage of physical healing. My thoughts rush in on, what's my next move going to be? Do I check my email? Do I get dressed now? Do I want food now? The truth of it is, I need to just take baby steps and one moment at a time. As the day unfolds, the next step will just happen.

I love blogging and reading other people's posts and reading life from their perspective. They are moving. There are some that's funny. Whatever they are, I love them. On occasion I'm inspired and influenced by them. I trust God. He will lead me.

What's the typical day in your life? Take five minutes and scribble it down. Share with us.