Friday, October 18, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Laundry

Five Minute Friday
It's a group of writers who join together on Friday. We write from a word prompt set by LisaJo Baker. Click through and read her post as well as other's posts. They are quite profound.

Now, onto today's word prompt: Laundry


I remember the smell of warm fabric and the sounds of the swish of the sheets being tossed up onto the huge rollers of the hot steam iron. The heat rolling through the room from all the equipment was thick. The feel of the warm fabric coming from the dryers gave such a soothing feeling. You know when you pull your favorite blanket from the dryer and want to snuggle it and wrap up in it? That's what I mean. Folding the washed and dried hospital linens and gowns was therapeutic. The feeling of a job done is almost euphoric. The only true euphoria that I can attain is from the Holy Spirit.