Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Forgiveness after adultery

Watching these two videos was very hard for me given my recent experience with adultery as a victim.

However, there's healing to a degree in listening to this couple speak about their journey through adultery. There's an element of what they say that really hit close to home for both me and Paul.

My prayer is that God would use this message to comfort hurting souls who are dealing with marriage issues.


  1. Thank you.
    I've been praying for you both.
    I know from experience that forgiveness and reconciliation is possible, and that on the other side is a greater blessing.
    Stay in the Word, abide in Him.

  2. Kimberly, my heart is breaking for you. While I have never experienced the pain of adultery I've known many who have. There is indeed, through God's grace seen through our Lord Jesus Christ; forgiveness after all sins including the sin of adultery.

    I pray for complete RESTORATION for you and your husband dear sister.

    Stay close to the Throne of Grace.