Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is who your president will be!!

Before you view the video please pray and read what Brent Riggs has posted at his blog:

Obama Mocks Christians and Bible

The video below is Barack Obama personally, not his racist "pastor". He is mocking Christians and rank-and-file Americans about the understanding of the Bible WHILE pulling short snippets of Bible verses out of context to use them for political gain.

This is not just insulting to serious Christians, it’s insulting to every American who lives by Judeo-Christian principles. It’s even more insulting to be mocked by someone who attends a racist, America-hating church; a man who obviously knows LITTLE TO NOTHING about the Bible, except to prooftext portions of verses for political gain, and from someone who gives so little regard to Scripture, that he voted against a bill that would protect the life of aborted babies who survived the attempted murder. He doesn’t want to impede the right of the mother to “choose”. How brave.

Evidently, it’s above his “pay grade” to think babies born alive even after abortion are entitled to protection. It’s bad enough to think that one minute, a baby in a womb who could survive a birth is a candidate for extermination… then magically, outside the womb they are now a “baby” and not a “fetus”. That is bad enough… but then to want to deny an aborted-but-living baby any protection, that is INFANTICIDE, plain and simple.

And this man mocks you and I by saying, “evidently you haven’t been reading your Bible” because we believe the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount and the “good citizen” principles presented by the Apostle Paul are NOT things we should consider when making laws for America. See for yourself:

This is where America is heading. It probably can't be stopped, but electing Obama will be a quantum leap forward in one day (election day).

McCain certainly has his problems, and even he will represent a far too liberal and compromising presidency... but he is unequivocable in his answer about abortion ("life begins at conception"), his courage to defend America, and his respect for the people and religion that founded and made America the greatest nation on earth: CHRISTIANITY.

We live in tough times, spiritually speaking. There is no doubt that America, and the world, is long past deserving of God's judgment for all the spilled blood, debauchery and mockery of the Creator. It is scary on the one hand knowing God's hand of judgment is sure to fall sooner, rather than later... but we rejoice on the other knowing that we are reaching a time "as in the days of Noah" when Jesus says He is soon to return.

- Brent