Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunday Ride to the Cascade foothills

This is one of the scenes I had on my ride Sunday, May 5th, 2008 with my husband and a few friends.

He [my husband] was the lead so we didn't get many pix. Only three to be exact. They all were of this same view. Go figure! He hogged the camera.

It was sunny & warm. I wore my clip-on shades to protect my eyes. I had to open the vents on my jacket and one on my helmet to keep from getting heated. The road was twisty and in the foothills. So, there were lots of hills & twisties. The scenery was breathtaking. Next trip I'm hogging the camera and getting more pictures.

I road alone a lot because I didn't speed along with the others. I was at the tail end and was basically left behind. Occasionally, my husband would stop along the side of the road & wait for me to catch up to make sure I was ok. At one point, which I thought was kind of funny, he had stopped long enough to see me coming and I passed his just sitting on the side of the road... he quickly came up behind me though. He followed me for a few minutes and then, with our communications devices, he asked me if I was OK. I told him I was. Then he asked me why I was going so slow. LOL I was not going "slow". I was just below, at or just 1 or 2 mph above the speed limit. He wanted to whinge at me. But, I just kept my pace. Then he quickly sped up and passed me and went to the lead again. He later was whinging about me being "slow". He quickly surmised it was his problem, not mine. Because, yes, he was speeding. He said at one point later that he gets worried sick when he can't see me and is scared that I wrecked. I told him if he's that worried about me then he should stay closer to keep a good eye on me.

None-the-less I had a great ride and enjoyed the scenery, the sun and warmth.